The identity deletion

Since the arab-muslim occupation of the land between the two rivers, the occupiers tried and still trying to delete the identity of the native population (US), by any excuse or another committed the occupation massacres against the oppressed Assyrians , from the day of the arab invasion and then the Kurds afterwards, who came from the Caucasus and the Turkish occupation who slaughtered the Assyrians also in massacre of 1915 ..
In the recent period joined this class of criminal satanic terrorism some of the other Christian minorities living inside of Assyria , in the forefront Chaldeans , Christian Arabs known as ( meslaweyin ) , so called “Christian Kurds”, cooperation in the fight against the Assyrian people , and the reason for this hostility is their jealousy since the beginning, because the enemy hates everything the Lord loves, and the Lord chose us and loved us after our Jewish brothers , and our name is mentioned in the Bible , that’s why the enemy inside them hates us , and also the fact that they don`t belong in Assyria and they don`t have their own language anymore because they sold it out to arabisim, kurdisim and tukishisim, nowhere or anyone to belong to, that`s why they are jealous of us because we kept our language, our heritage and identity to the opposite of them.
On of the occupier nature is the elimination of the original in order to become an original , if we look into the history of the world , we find that the occupier always slaughter and delete or steal the identity of the origin or forge history to make themselves the origin! as does the occupation of the Kurds on the villages of the Assyrians , continually launching attacks between short periods of time killing innocent civilians in our occupied Ashur, as it is the case in Egypt and other countries occupied by Islam.
Thats why our dear brothers and sisters asking for our rights from Arabs or Kurds or Turks is like Jews asking for their rights from Hitler in Germany. Or to cooperate with any of the other Christian factions would only lead to more pain to our beloved nation.