Hypocrite church

(I should stress that i´m not generalizing but simply speaking of what´s happening in reality and what i´ve seen)..

The house of our beloved Lord Almighty has become a house of snakes and scorpions, house of Almighty has become a house of thieves and hustlers, insulting God in His face with their ridiculous acting in His House, It became a theatre where hypocrites come play their roles and go back to sinful life insulting the Divinity of the Lord and His intelligence in His Face! This is my story i´m telling what i´ve seen happening in many churches, I am a sinner also but we learn from our sins and turn away from them by the power of the blood of our Lord and savior, living in faith is living a new life where the old one has died with the Lord! But instead people looking down on their next feeling that they are more superior than others, many take their ideologies with them into the new life with the Lord! Those who heiled hitler in the 30´s now think themselves they are jews in the churches!!! Before faith they heil to hitler and once they “believe” and “accept” the Lord they thing they are jews!!! I am speaking of (personal encounters) not once but several times many places, and if we pay a little attention we´ll see that it´s almost everywhere..

And they don´t do that for God because they love Him or for His word it´s to put themselves higher than others it´s that same evil demonic megalomania that drove them in the 30´s has now changed form to something else! with every nationality i´ve been with in church! Very few and rare are the true believers like needle in a hay stake! Often oppressed by the hypocrites, it became a painful experience, disgusting to watch,

As I said it´s almost with every nationality Egyptian copts think that they are the chosen people of God they look down on others in their churches and refuse communion to none copts, because they think of them self and their rituals the only right and chosen way! They forgot that they were worshipers of idols and oppressors of the real chosen people of God to say the least!

I can go on and on but remember God chose all humanity to be saved, we all come from sin and worshipping idols, God didn´t choose one over the other or love one more than the other, God chose to show us His ways, and it will always be the (MIDDLE EASTERN) Abraham and his outcome nothing else. Through Him God showed us His ways and through Him came our savior, so let´s remember we all came from sin not from Heaven! As I said earlier in (Assyria the blessed) OUR father in spirit and brother in blood Abraham and His outcome will always be arch middle eastern Semites in Heaven.

Remember what our Lord did teach us in (John 13:34 (KJV)): 34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.