The islamic trojan horse

The consequences of the islamic invasion were felt yet again, when the “religion of peace” struck Belgium, my deepest condolences to the Belgian people. This is the inevitable result of letting muslims into Europe or in any other none muslim society, it always come in stages first the religion of peace, when they are outnumbered, small numbers in a new society they put on smiles and “religion of peace” song, this stage includes marrying local girls getting involved in local politics and local decision making institutions, and after a period of time when that is done, when they are in bigger numbers and has established a good foot hold in society comes stage two which is demanding islamisation of society as we are seeing in England, Us, and other places, now comes the new generation the children of first generation, the “hybrids” from mixed marriages of muslim immigrants and local girls, now they have their children who speak the language and know the society and the system to carry on the work and continue the stealth “islamisation” . Hybrid children of mixed marriages are typically worse than their muslim parents in a way that is unseen to the average European Christian in the outside they seem and act European but in the inside are deadly poisonous snakes with one loyalty and goal and that’s islam, it’s what comes out of mixing good with evil “the giants” the hybrid result of mixing good with evil Genesis 6:4(kjv):- There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. They so continue stage two with their smooth talking imitating logic in European way using their way of thinking and their laws to hack into the European mind and ease the implantation of islam into their mind to make it into a more mainstream inseparable accepted part of society, through their friends in schools, universities, clubs, work etc. while other factions of the islamic community continue their parts in small step by step process from making changes in small local institutions to make them more “tolerant” which in reality islamisising them all the way to the parliament, following that demands and changes in laws and constitution, and the more they increase in numbers and power the more bold demands they make, and if they get rejected or resisted they send their “troops” their children to terrorize the streets with violence as we’ve seen in many examples all over the western world.

When they increase in numbers and become the majority stage three enters into force and that is the takeover, by any means necessary, first comes the demonstrations followed by violent riots and after that comes the terror attacks until civil war breaks through and they slaughter the natives if they don’t convert to islam, as you see in the middle east, none of the middle eastern countries we see today was of an arab or muslim origion neither Assyria “so called Iraq”, Lebanon, Egypt, other than the arab peninsula, that’s the islamic way following the example of their prophet as he did when he was outnumbered, living among none “believers”, always follow the source, if you want to understand islam follow their book and their example their prophet, the west will never see peace as long as there are muslims living amongst the population, of course there are other factors other than muslims that are spiritual, because of the sin in the west and because they left Christianity God lifted His protection and allowed this plague to enter and destroy it.

As long as there are muslims this will continue generation after generation, until the west is completely cleaned of them and kicked the last one out, and i mean every last one of them! Yes even the “moderate” because even if the parents are so called moderate and nice people they can’t prevent their children from following religion, just like if you are a Christian or other believe, you can’t force your children to follow or not to follow your God! In the end of the day they chose if they want to go into depth with their parents faith or not, so if the children want to become religious they go back to their foundation in muslims case they go back to islam, so even if the parents are so called “moderate” and nice people, their foundation is rotten the source is evil, so if their children chose to become religious they go back to the foundation which is islam and you have another generation of terrorist growing up to deal with, so one of the solutions to a peaceful west is a islam free west, that includes the “moderate” muslims too.

You can’t “moderate” God, in this case the Islamic “god” those who claim themselves moderate and call for “reformation” they know deep inside that this will never happen, the strict teachings of quran and their “god’s” commandments won’t allow it, the god who orders the killing of islam deserter would allow reform?! The prophet who cut a 120 years old woman in half just because she criticized him would allow reform?! And the millions and millions who follow this satanic religion to the letter would allow it to be reformed?! Is this a joke or is this some kind of saving attempt, a pain killer to steer away the attention from the fact that this religion is founded on satanic terror and the “prophet” himself was a terrorist??? We see now a days a lot of “decorative facades” on youtube and other social media like: AreWeFamousNow, Daniela M Biah, Adam Saleh, and others trying to clean up and sell islam though humor and fake charity videos on youtube to show you without telling that this is the “real islam” the “good islam”!! unless the Christian world wake up to this it will continue until they take over the world, a peaceful west is a west without islam, a world without islam, the only solution to the muslim problem is a islam free world.