The gay marriage

The Lord created Adam and Eve not Adam and steve, and don´t give me the “God loves everyone” speech! yes He does but He hates sin He burned cities because of sin specially that one! there´s no place for abomination in Heaven!.


Isis flag flying freely in the united states!

America is being taken over bit by bit by islam, they are getting more and more bold, a new jersey man has flown this disgusting terrorist flag for ten years according to the article, and he so nothing wrong with it until he was reported to the authorities, and when asked he said that he was expressing his religion!

“evil triumphs when good men do nothing”

Isis flag flying freely in the united states!

Assyrian refugees in their own historical land!

Assyrian refugee in their own historical land! these pictures are taken shortly after their arrival, after they were chased out from their home by IS terrorists! this is what will happen to europeans if they keep letting islam grow in number and get rights in europe!

The policies of the Kurdish regional Government against Assyrians

The anti Assyrian agenda gos on below you´ll see proof of how some powers in the kurdish government are trying to forge history and delete the Assyrian identity plus program the new coming generation of the new history!