Insulting God in Elias Haddad’s church

The Almighty Lord’s house has become a home of snakes and scorpions, it became a house of thieves and swindlers insulting The Lord in his face in His House with their disgusting acting, it became a theater where hypocrites come and play their roles and then return to the daily life of sin degrading the Divinity of the Lord and His Intelligence in His Face.

I am the first of sinners, but when we come to the Lord and accept His Salvation in our lives and put our arrogant heads under His Feet asking for forgiveness, then we are supposed to have left the old life and all that it contains of evils and wear the dress of Salvation and enter the new life, 2 Corinthians 5:17(kjv):- Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. Leaving our past and walking with the Lord in his footsteps, but unfortunately this is not the case with the majority of churches specifically the Arabic churches, but the Lord to Him be all the glory, knew this very well and warned us about the hypocrites in the Bible, i speak from a bitter personal experience i lived in one of these churches, i thought a lot before i wrote about this topic, but i saw it necessary to speak on these things for us to learn and improve our behavior and our ethics with each other, especially with others.

In a city in Europe since the early nineties, “before i came to the city and met these people” a group of arab community gathered together and they decided to establish arabic church, they began working on it and the church flourished the number of church goers attending the services reached fifty people, there were several “pastors” in the church and people started coming to the Lord brothers from muslim background, but this joy was short lived and did not last, in this period of prosperity in this church in the nineties a new member came to the church by name Elias Haddad, according to some brothers testimony Elias came in the beginning with an honest intention to learn more, but soon after he learned he started transcendence himself and look down on others and thought that he was more suitable and the best to lead the church which resulted in causing arguments and wrangling with the rest of pastors and they began spreading bad news and sedition on one another, and ever since the number of attendees started dropping and they broke up into two churches and some of the pastors left the whole city and moved, they ended up with two churches one run by Elias and the second run by another person, plus another person by name Nabil Astefanos i’ll come back to him later, the number of those who attend their services is barely a few people, no more than ten people in both churches combined.

Elias Haddad Before joining the church used to work in the field of pizza and he ran his restaurant by cheating and fraud stealing from the state by not paying taxes by manipulating accounts and cash register in the restaurant, as it is called here in Europe “black work or job”, he used to hire workers and give them their salary in “black”, he entered prison several times and this he admitted by his own tongue, in addition he used to spread bad rumors about others wives and one of his habits was to write daily report/journal with all that was happening with him and the others in order to use it against them in lies to damage their reputation, i’m not condemning his past here, we are all sinners and has past, but as the Lord taught us that the old man died with the Lord on the cross and not to bring our sins with us into the new life! But Elias brought all of his bad habits with him into the new life! He started once again writing daily reports/journal on the members of his church and after we got tired of his lies and acting and wanted to leave the church, he send an email to every one he knew accusing us with false accusations and lies! and after that the people who remained were barely seven individuals.

In the beginning of my faith i was filled with joy in the Lord and filled with Spirit, i read the word with passion and wanted to join fellowship of believers, and whenever i saw a church the Holy Spirit of the Lord advised me to be patient, and one day i decided to search the net for a suitable church and found Elias‘s Church name, i was new in town i did not know anything about the dark history of these churches, even though the Spirit of the Lord was advising me not to do and to be patient, but i didn’t listen to the advice of the Lord, i lifted the receiver and called them, Elias responded and welcomed me in an acting way and stressed that they are a independent church and that they do not receive any support from any party and that they are open to everyone! I was happy to hear these words, so i went there and was met by Elias in the door and there was a woman coming towards us called Rita the daughter of someone named Walid i’ll come back to them later, and Elias introduced me to her but she greeted me in a very dry and rude manner and this is because of the upbringing she was brought in, i will address the subject of this family later, this was the first day the attendees of this church were no more than ten of whom was a brother of a islamisc background, this person was full with Spirit and loved the Lord so much because he really experienced the Lord truly and tasted the Power and Presence of the Lord, this person had a wife and children in a arabic country he left his wife and children and came here for his faith, although he saw many difficulties but he still had faith, this man used to stand and preach filled with Spirit.

With days i began to see other faces to some members of this church, and the truth of Elias began to show little by little, he talked down to us in the hearing of everyone present in the church, one time was the turn of that new born brother from muslim background to preach, he came to ask Elias on a particular issue and Elias scolded him loudly in a very condescending rude way and since then this brother stopped coming, this was a big shock for me, i stayed in touch with this brother to make sure he was ok and i saw how his faith started fading a bit by bit and enclosed himself and he no longer prayed even i saw how the Spirit extinguished in him bit by bit of course there were other external factors but the ill-treatment and the poor example he saw from Elias was the final blow, those who come from other backgrounds are precious jeweles and very dear in the Eyes of the Lord, the Lord worked hard in order to bring them to his field, died for them and we as believers should be role models for them, care about them as our eyes, the church is their refuge from the world and the persecutions of the world to them, the persecution of believers from a muslim background is the double compared with the persecution of a christian background believer undergo! The fellowship meeting is a great joy for them, but when the church also become a place of persecution and insult to them, many can not endure this quantum of persecution so their faith breaks as it happened with this brother, he no longer attended any services or any meetings and cut all ties and moved to another city. This is what he saw only from Elias, As for the others and here i mean Rita’s family that i mentioned previously which consists of her father, Walid her mother Sarah her husband Samer and her brother, Elain, and Fouad Yamin’s family, another hustler that steals from the state by working “black” and sold his shop half in “black” and the other half in white contract, a hustler like his role model the biggest hustler Elias, these two families (Rita and Fouad) they owned restaurants Fouad a restaurant or actually a small shop where he sold sandwiches and Pizza, and the family of Rita they had a regular restaurant, and they were nice to him but in fact they were poisonous snakes that poisoned his thoughts, instead of teaching him how to earn honest living they taught him how to make ugly profit, they taught him how to work in “black”! These are the disgusting examples he saw in this church! so i don’t blame him cutting all ties and disappearing. They themselves are working in “black” buying and selling their restaurants half on a white contract and the other half “black”-cash without paying any taxes.

Rita’s husband Samer is from another European country from a prison, drug dealing and addiction background and relations to organized crime. He came here with his wife, he worked in restaurants in the beginning in “black” until he became “black/secret-to the state” partner with Elian his brother in law’s restaurant, and Rita use to work in the same restaurant with her brother also in “black”.

Her father and mother Walid and Sarah, they knew very well what was going on but they kept silent and did not open their mouths with a word, also actors and sectarians beyond all boundaries just like the rest of the disgusting hypocrites of this church!

Plus all this the despicable sectarianism that’s in them were her father use to look at me with looks full of contempt and hatred, Rita’s family are from the christian mosulite sect and this sect bear a despicable hatred towards us Assyrians and this is because of their satanic jealousy of the chosen and blessed people in the Bible, like the Jews, Egyptians and we the Assyrians, we all know that the devil is the opposite enemy of the Lord and anything that the Lord loves and blesses the devil hates and curses it, that’s why we see the blind hatred of the world towards the Jews our beloved brothers and Israel and also toward the Egyptians, especially in arab countries! It is that same hatred and demonic jealousy towards us the Assyrians because we are of the people mentioned chosen and blessed in the Bible, we are the people of Nineveh in the book of Jonah in the Old Testament and Isaiah 19:23-25(kjv):- 23 In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyrians. 24 In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land: 25 Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance.

In the Gospel of Matthew in 12:41(kjv):- The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.

Everything that’s loved and close to the heart of the Lord is far and hated by the devil, and this is what we’re seeing in the hypocritical family of Rita as they use to come sing and cheer but inside dead disgusting poisonous snakes not a good thing comes out of them! But despite the diabolical jealousy of those towards us the Word Choice and the Blessings of the Lord for us will stay steady as a rock forever.

As for Nabil Astefanos, i called him to speak with him on this subject thinking that he might be a victim like me, because at one point of time he offered me help and when i wanted to ask him what he ment with it, he ignored my calls until i was forced to call him from a hidden number then he answered i was surprised by his sudden change of attitude towards me, and when he knew that i am the person who posted this article his behavior changed 180 degrees from someone who is supposed to be a believer turned to aggressive and hatred, and he started talking in an aggressive and barbaric manner no different from the others and insisted on knowing my name and when i refused he hang up on me! And this person is “pastor” instead of being a role model in behavior and manners as the Lord to him be all the glory, would the Lord have behaved the same if He was in his place? Of course not, but obviously Nabil is just a small student of his master Elias, he got angry when their wickedness and hypocrisy was exposed, as the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together”… At one point of time i met with Martin’s wife (Lina George) “Martin is a christian conferences organizer from the Netherlands” in a christian conference in Sweden, and we were discussing a particular subject and Rita was sitting with us at the same table, and Martin’s wife instead of being a role model in behavior she instead started to discuss with me in an barbarous uncivil way without any respect or manners and without giving me the opportunity to finish one sentence, she and Rita all they cared about was which one speaks better and fluently the Levantine dialects especially the Lebanese, they love philosophising in Levantine dialects instead of speaking their mother dialect! they compete in speaking the Levantine dialects, i remember Martin’s wife teaching and she was proud of speaking fluently the Lebanese dialect and not with word of the Lord Almighty! They are proud of earthly things not the Heavenly! They love trivialities like themselves, they don’t even have conversation manners! Even the wild animals in the jungle have conversation manners and know how to converse with each other! When one of them starts shouting the other stops, listens, understand, and then answers when the first one stops! They don’t even know that! She spoke nervy and with heart full of hatred and barbarism, doesn’t surprise me that many believers from muslim background break in faith and leave churches. What can we expect to come out of such a group other than swindling, fraud and lack of manners! if i am put to choose between giving new believers from a muslim background to arab churches like those, or to throw them to the wild animals in the jungle i would choose to throw them to the wild animals in the jungle without thinking twice about it, because i know that the wild jungle animals fear and respect the Lord and will take care of them more than these savages. At the bottom you will see the names and pictures of these savage hypocrites ..