The gay marriage

The Lord created Adam and Eve not Adam and steve, and don´t give me the “God loves everyone” speech! yes He does but He hates sin He burned cities because of sin specially that one! there´s no place for abomination in Heaven!.


Hypocrite church

(I should stress that i´m not generalizing but simply speaking of what´s happening in reality and what i´ve seen)..

The house of our beloved Lord Almighty has become a house of snakes and scorpions, house of Almighty has become a house of thieves and hustlers, insulting God in His face with their ridiculous acting in His House, It became a theatre where hypocrites come play their roles and go back to sinful life insulting the Divinity of the Lord and His intelligence in His Face! This is my story i´m telling what i´ve seen happening in many churches, I am a sinner also but we learn from our sins and turn away from them by the power of the blood of our Lord and savior, living in faith is living a new life where the old one has died with the Lord! But instead people looking down on their next feeling that they are more superior than others, many take their ideologies with them into the new life with the Lord! Those who heiled hitler in the 30´s now think themselves they are jews in the churches!!! Before faith they heil to hitler and once they “believe” and “accept” the Lord they thing they are jews!!! I am speaking of (personal encounters) not once but several times many places, and if we pay a little attention we´ll see that it´s almost everywhere..

And they don´t do that for God because they love Him or for His word it´s to put themselves higher than others it´s that same evil demonic megalomania that drove them in the 30´s has now changed form to something else! with every nationality i´ve been with in church! Very few and rare are the true believers like needle in a hay stake! Often oppressed by the hypocrites, it became a painful experience, disgusting to watch,

As I said it´s almost with every nationality Egyptian copts think that they are the chosen people of God they look down on others in their churches and refuse communion to none copts, because they think of them self and their rituals the only right and chosen way! They forgot that they were worshipers of idols and oppressors of the real chosen people of God to say the least!

I can go on and on but remember God chose all humanity to be saved, we all come from sin and worshipping idols, God didn´t choose one over the other or love one more than the other, God chose to show us His ways, and it will always be the (MIDDLE EASTERN) Abraham and his outcome nothing else. Through Him God showed us His ways and through Him came our savior, so let´s remember we all came from sin not from Heaven! As I said earlier in (Assyria the blessed) OUR father in spirit and brother in blood Abraham and His outcome will always be arch middle eastern Semites in Heaven.

Remember what our Lord did teach us in (John 13:34 (KJV)): 34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Christian refugee from Musol, “our neighbors drove us out”!

Unfortunately many muslims take pride in what the IS is doing around the “arab” world even if they don´t admit it openly they are proud of it, because it´s written in their quran to fight the infidels wherever they find them, even if the muslims who live in the west condemn it in the open but they feel pride deep inside. plus they are allowed to lie in three situations in war, in merrrage, and when they live with the infidels! wich is what they are doing in the west “stealth” islam until they are able to take control and then they show the real face of islam as you see in the “arab” world!



Isis flag flying freely in the united states!

America is being taken over bit by bit by islam, they are getting more and more bold, a new jersey man has flown this disgusting terrorist flag for ten years according to the article, and he so nothing wrong with it until he was reported to the authorities, and when asked he said that he was expressing his religion!

“evil triumphs when good men do nothing”

Isis flag flying freely in the united states!

Assyrian refugees in their own historical land!

Assyrian refugee in their own historical land! these pictures are taken shortly after their arrival, after they were chased out from their home by IS terrorists! this is what will happen to europeans if they keep letting islam grow in number and get rights in europe!

Assyria the blessed

For some time i´ve noticed hostility and false accusations from many directions against our already oppressed Assyrian brothers and sisters, as we know we are blessed and mentioned in the Bible, we are the only people God send a prophet directly to and called to Him already in the old testament in book of Jonah, and our blessing and prophecy before that in the book of Isaiah 19: 23-25 and we were among the first to accept Jesus after the first Jewish Christians 2000 years ago, and will condemn the world for its sin because we repented as our Lord said in Matthew 12: 41, but all of that seems to be ignored by the mainstream hypocrite church specially the white American ““church””, and instead demonizing us! as we know the devil hates God and is the opposite of Him, everything God loves and bless the devil hates that´s why there is so much hatred against our Jewish brothers and Israel in the world the same reason for why many hates us and also hate the Egyptians, as one fraud by name chuck misller attacked and demonized Assyrians in one of his “”sermons”” and other demonic jealous frauds like him! And now they are trying to link the terrorist group (isis) to ancient Assyria!!! As always judging and accusing others just like the devil inside of them, well lets go all the way back to when Cain killed his brother Abel, as we know the Lord accepted Abel´s offer and rejected Cain´s simply because Abel gave offering from the first born of his flock, a gift from heart. The demonic jealousy took over Cain and made him murder his brother, it´s the same jealousy we see today in these people like this so called chuck! and it´s the same one that drove the germans to commit the atrocities they did against the jews, and the same demonic jealousy that´s driving frauds like chuck and others like him to demonize Assyrians.

Ever since we came to Christ 2000 years ago, Assyria didn´t invade or go to war on the contrary we were the ones who suffered and was persecuted because of our believe in the Lord until this day! they seem to forget the Romans and what they did! Was it the Assyrians that murdered six million innocent jews just because they were jews? Is it the Assyrians that are sending rockets to Israel every day as we speak? Is it the Assyrians that is training the isis terrorists in turkey and Jordan and using them to destroy countries and murder innocent people? Or maybe it’s the Assyrians that is controlling this world and dragging it to hell with them? The Babylon mentioned in the revelation is the devils nest, that’s waging wars ever since its creation, every description of the whore in Revelation fits perfectly on That wicked country of yours little chuck! When we and our jewish brothers knew God and His ways chuck misller´s “kind” still lived in the wild and didn´t even know the difference between their mom wife or children! (to put it nicely) And now they´re accusing the blessed and chosen of being wicked.! It´s the obvious fact that they know very well deep inside that they´ll never be Gods chosen race that´s why they are dying of jealousy and attacking the real chosen people by God, just like Cain did to Abel! Abraham and His outcome will forever be arch middle eastern Semites in Heaven.

I´ve been following these American churches for quite some time and i´m sick of their false and demonic accusations against our already suffering nation! Enough is enough if they wanna judge us why not? lets compare and see is it really the Assyrians that are the devils race in this world? we´ll judge back ten times worse, believe me there are many words that accurately describe these people from their own history but I didn´t use in this one. Remember our Lord came for all humanity and remember what He said in Revelation: 7: 9 After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.


Corruption in the kurdish regional government

Corruption of some offecials in the Kurdish government, an interesting article by Michel Rubin.

In April 2013, a Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation consisting of Falah Bakir, Fuad Hussein, Qubad Talabani, and Ashti Hawrami visited Washington, DC, for a series of meetings at universities and think tanks. While the KRG press release exaggerated attendance—both in terms of audience numbers and their own presence (often only one or two of the four showed up for presentations in which they all had promised to attend), the delegation was nevertheless well-received.

There is a reason for the positive reception given by the private or non-profit sector to any KRG delegation: Whereas once Kurdish politicians would come to Washington asking for money, now that Iraqi Kurdistan is oil wealthy, the situation is reversed. KRG officials regularly receive requests for cash when they travel abroad. Former American officials from both the Bush administration and President Obama’s first term seek a cut of oil deals. The KRG has mastered the art of stringing oil suitors along in order to extract as many favors as possible before closing any deal.  The same treatment holds true for American institutions which ask for cash. Universities offer Barzani chairs in exchange for million dollar donations but are expected to accept the children of Kurdish leaders. During the KRG’s April meetings in Washington, one think tank asked Fuad Hussein, chief-of-staff to Iraqi Kurdistan President Masud Barzani, for a large donation which they suggested would further programming sympathetic to Kurdistan and its energy industry. Rather than say yes or no, Fuad Hussein suggested that the think tank hire his daughter as a summer intern, never mind that the deadline for the application had passed. The think tank made an exception and hired Fuad’s daughter.

That might seem like wasta to many Iraqis, but it symbolizes a pernicious corruption that permeates Kurdish political culture and is, unfortunately, enabled by some American institutions. The daughter got the job effectively on the promise of a donation. If the KRG follows through with its donation, then Fuad effectively bought a job for his daughter not with his own money, but with KRG funds. The optics of the event play as poorly in Washington as they do in Erbil, as they reinforce the image of nepotism and corruption with which Kurdistan is now associated.

The past decade has been good to Kurdistan. Before Saddam’s ouster, Kurds lived under double sanctions, first those imposed by the United Nations Security Council upon Iraq and then by the Iraqi central government against Kurdistan. Young Kurds regularly paid human smugglers to take them to Europe where, at best, they would find menial jobs and languish in public housing far away from their families and social networks. Opportunities are better in Iraqi Kurdistan now, but Kurdish universities still produce far more educated and able graduates than available jobs. Studying abroad is possible for a new generation of Kurds in a way their parents could never have dreamed, but the process remains beset by political corruption. Membership in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) too often still trumps grades and ability.

If Kurdistan is to advance and mature, it is long past time that the KDP, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the Gorran Movement, and any other party represented in parliament agree to a code of ethics. No government official should seek personal favors while on official business nor should they trade KRG resources for family benefit. Party leaders should not seek U.S. green cards for their sons while meeting with American diplomats or intelligence officials, not should any official ask those seeking Kurdish business to hire sons and daughters first. Perhaps rather than donating KRG funds to private think tanks or to name chairs in foreign universities, the KRG might instead utilize the money to establish a scholarship fund for those who apply and are accepted to accredited foreign universities. Other funds might support internships which are often as valuable if not more so than classwork. Broadening the experience and maximizing the educational potential of Kurdish students can only benefit Kurdistan. This will only happen when codes of conduct for KRG officials prioritize serving society rather than individual families.



The policies of the Kurdish regional Government against Assyrians

The anti Assyrian agenda gos on below you´ll see proof of how some powers in the kurdish government are trying to forge history and delete the Assyrian identity plus program the new coming generation of the new history!