The middle eastern christians

2 Corinthians 6:14(kjv):- Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
One of the main things the Lord tried to teach us thoughout the Old Testament was not to have any  fellowship with non believers what so ever, a concept they lost with time, verse after verse, example after example, were forgotten by now mainstream christians of the middle east, today they are a leftover, unwanted guests in their own countries, a “mekka” for young muslims to find their “wifes” in, struck by massacre after massacre disaster after disaster and never learn the lesson, they just keep repeating the same mitakes again and again as the saying goes “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” and sure enough it’s the case with the mid east christians they didn’t learn and they are paying the price day after day, year after year, lucifer will never love God, islam will never coexists with christianity, gentiles and don’t go together, because they make unclean the holy people of God and that’s what happened and continue to happen to these people, the Lord thought us not to live with gentiles/unbelievers or have anything to do with them at all, believers should be separated from gentiles in order to stay clean and holy for God, (“and here i don’t mean not to share the gospel or not to show the example of Jesus”) but the middle eastern christians forgot these teachings with time and stayed in their original countries and lived with the invading gentiles/muslims and with time their minds and souls were poisoned and their faith faded away, just like in the old days when jews started mixing with the surrounding gentile nations they stumbled and fall and brought disaster to themselves and the Nation, and this is the case today, the main problem of the middle eastern christians they mixed with gentiles, they stayed in sodom & gomorrah and they are sharing their curse.
They developed a chronic Stockholm syndrom so deep that it became part of their personality mixed with their belief to a degree they think and believe that they are one nationality and there is no difference they can coexist without any problems! even though christian girls are being kidnapped daily, raped and forced to convert to islam, the middle east christians appear on tv the following day saying that they are one people one nation and their is no difference! what a disgusting pathetic stupidity! on top of this they cry out to the world of persecution and injustic! well if you stay in a fire you will get burned! if you stand in the middle of a bunch of snakes you gonna get bitten.
Unfortunately the arabic personality is corrupted unsuitable for any time or place and that’s not their fault, because when islam came it completely destroyed their personality their way of thinking and their “culture” if there was any before islam! it removed everything from their brain and put a “new” personality new way of thinking and a new culture, just like when you remove the original windows from a computer and install a corrupted copy of windows instead, this is what exactly happened to the arabs 1400 years ago, and unfortunately many arabs when they come to Christ they bring with them their old muslim personality, just like what happened with Al Hayat tv last i followed it, some of it’s hosts from muslim backround like Rachid, Amany, Nadim, instead of talking love to their fellow brothers and sisters of the first christians and the natives of the countries they come from, they instead bashed and critisized them in almost every episode! i remember Rachid dedicated an entire episode of “daring question” to bash and critisiz the first christians for not welcoming and taking care of the new converts to christianity! when they were muslims they called them infidels now they are “christians by name, christians by name” as they use this phrase repeatidly in their episodes, completely forgetting that the majority of the first christians of the middle east today are just christians by name as i mentioned earlier, instead of talking to them with love and apologizing for the attrocities some of them and their fellow brethren did to the christians in the middle east for 1400 years they instead bash and critisiz, they forgot that these christians have been suffering for 1400 years and they expect them to take the new converts in their arms and homes forgetting that these people are barely christian themselves, and a christian by birth is not real christian we can’t expect from them a christian behavior and way of thinking because they haven’t experienced Jesus, they are not saved! they are just like any other muslim they live with in these countries! again because they didn’t separate from the beginning so this is the consequence, but Rachid, Nadim, and Amany, that supposed to be examples they forgot all that, it’s like you can’t exist in harmony with the majority of these people neither when they are muslims or christians!.
Another pathetic side to the middle east christians is the worship of humans they inherited from the muslims throughout hundreds of years they lived with them, and we see that clearly in their behavior in Al Hayat tv programmes, they call brothers like Zakaria Potros “your holyness, our father”!! your holyness?!! our father?!! even the Lord Himself to Him be all the glory said in Matthew 23:8(kjv):- But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. And yet these people glorfy humans! it’s the islamic influence and upbringing they had as i said erlier islam formated every thing in the muslim mind and put a new personality a sheep that read without understanding, memorize only like parrots, a personality that worships creation instead of the Creater, once again as mentioned erlier many come into the new life bringing with them the old personality which should be formated completely 2 Corinthians 5:17(kjv):- Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. Brother Zakaria did good work for the Lord and through him the Lord brought many to christianity, but remember it’s not him BUT it’s the Lord who did, no one else! And ever since i stoped watching Al Hayat tv.
This is the middle eastern christians of today, pathetic sheep with chronic Stockholm Syndrom. Unless the middle eastern christians go back to biblical routes and separate themselves completely from their muslim surroundings, these atrocities and oppression will continue untill there is no christian left in the middle east.