Christian families harassed by muslim asylum seekers in sweden

The islamic terror does not contain within the middle eastern borders but it has reached beyond, two christian refugee families in (sweden) has been coerced to leave the refugee camp they were put in because of the harassment and persecution of the other muslim refugees! and no one filed any charges against the perpetrators!

Christian refugee from Musol, “our neighbors drove us out”!

Unfortunately many muslims take pride in what the IS is doing around the “arab” world even if they don´t admit it openly they are proud of it, because it´s written in their quran to fight the infidels wherever they find them, even if the muslims who live in the west condemn it in the open but they feel pride deep inside. plus they are allowed to lie in three situations in war, in merrrage, and when they live with the infidels! wich is what they are doing in the west “stealth” islam until they are able to take control and then they show the real face of islam as you see in the “arab” world!



The untold genecide of the Assyrians

I do not own the copyright to this material yet, but it effects me directly as an Assyrian and for that reason i´m obligated to spread the unwanted truth about the forgoten massacre despite attempts by the invaders to keep it quiet! this documantary tells the story about the massacre that was committed by the turks and their accomplices against our nation.